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I started this hobbie some 23 year ago while living in Bradbury, CA. I put up the first web site in May of 1998. when we moved to Las Vegas (1989) (PRETTY MISERABLE SITE IT WAS) but I got a few hits every week and it was fun doing the gun shows. Remember the Great Western in Pomona?? Best gun show ever the last year it was on we were interviewed by UPI , L A Times , and the San Gabriel Valley Tribune while we were selling an Officers Model Trapdoor, both my son & I Made the front page of L A Times and San Gabriel Tribune ( still have copies of S G V T in the house ). I never heard what happened to the UPI interview. Guess wasn’t Newsy enough.

Late news is my (Stint) on the History Channel selling one of my guns to a Pawn Broker. I told the Producer no one will believe it as nobody takes a gun to a P B to sell unless they want to give it away, but we did it anyway. It was on Pawn Stars this Mo. I have came a long way since that first site in 1998 as this Month we have had some 500 + hits per day from all 50 States and some 51 Foreign Countries . Most from California there were from 96 different cities just in Ca. even the fewest had 4 different cities,  Rhode Island.

If you have looked at this page before you will notice a difference. I guess I was trying to look like GENERAL MOTORS  Ha!!when actually I do most everything , including sweeping the floors. my daughter does come by 2 days a week for a couple hours each day to help me with the Computer and I always am grateful when one of my other kids offer any free assistance. At 83 I need all the help I can Muster

-Keith Rush

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